Back in 2011, I was lucky enough to be a part of the Pottermore Beta. For the muggles out there, Pottermore was originally launched as an interactive website for Harry Potter fans. It included games and exclusive content written by JK Rowling herself. While I loved the extra reading material, the games weren’t really my thing, and I eventually stopped logging in once the Beta testing was complete.

For me, the relaunch this last September was a welcome change. Gone were the games, and the site was given a much needed make-over. It now features a tonne of extra content; I’m always finding something new to read when I visit. Once they restored the Sorting Hat, I of course took the test again – it was the only interactive feature I really liked in the Beta. (Ravenclaw for life!)

Pottermore Ravenclaw

A little over a month ago, Rowling revealed that there are 11 wizarding schools in the HP universe. So far, the North American school only has a name: Ilvermorny. The location is still a mystery, although the map on Pottermore makes me suspect it is in Canada (woot!). I’ve been itching for more details about it, but so far it’s been nothing but crickets. Until today.

A news release has appeared on Pottermore, stating that Rowling has written a series called ‘The History of Magic in North America’, which will be released in daily instalments this week. Yay! No doubt this is meant to be promotional material for the upcoming Fantastic Beasts movie, but it will be awesome nonetheless. I can’t wait to read the first instalment tomorrow.


So, back to today’s blog title – HP fans, do you Pottermore? If you don’t, this week would be a perfect time to start!