A few years ago, Penguin released a series of modern titles with ‘Ink’ covers. They’re really beautiful. Most seem to be out of print, but I’ve been grabbing used copies as I find them. So The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing was most definitely a cover buy, but has now turned into one of my favourite books.

Girls Guide

A critically acclaimed New York Times bestseller, this spirited and wickedly insightful narrative maps the progress of fourteen-year- old Jane Rosenal as she navigates the perilous terrain of love, sex, and relationships, capturing-with perfect pitch-what it’s like to be a young woman in America today. – Goodreads

That summary really does not do it justice. The Girls’ Guide is a series of linked short stories, covering the first couple decades of Jane’s life. Some have labelled it chick-lit, which I think is totally off base. Bank has created a beautifully written, solid piece of modern literature that will most definitely stand the test of time. Her prose at times is lyrical and haunting, and her characters are wonderfully fleshed out and nuanced. The main story arc is also… oddly familiar.

How many of you are familiar with the film Suburban Girl, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alec Baldwin? I’ve always had a soft spot for it – Gellar and Baldwin were great together, and the story touched on literature and the publishing industry (which was a total bonus). The Girls’ Guide felt really familiar at times, until I finally Googled it. It turns out that the movie is based on a couple of stories in the book. I love that I stumbled upon and enjoyed both before making the connection between the two!

I’ve already shared this book with a couple people and recommended it to a few others. And now, I’m recommending it to you – go read this. Right now.