I’ve written about Welcome to Night Vale before – if you’ve read that post, then you already know that I am a huge fan of the podcast. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a big fan of Fink and Cranor’s first book. I gave it 3/5, and I still think that’s accurate – it wasn’t quite the Night Vale I know and love. But there is hope – WTNV has released two more books, and they are completely different from the first. Guys – they are awesome!

Night Vale Scripts

Mostly Void, Partially Stars and The Great Glowing Coils of the Universe are collections of scripts from the first two seasons of the podcast. Each episode features an introduction by either Fink, Cranor, guest writers or actors, and includes eerily beautiful illustrations by Jessica Hayworth. The introductions provide interesting insights into the creative process, and what it takes to make each episode. It surprised me how homegrown it all still is, even with their international success.

It’s been awhile since I’ve listened to the first two seasons, so reading these volumes proved to be a nice refresher. They were surprisingly readable, and I think even those who haven’t listened yet will still enjoy and understand them. I blew through both books within a couple days, and I really hope that they continue to release volumes for each season.

What else can I say? These books are just so well put together.