I am, unapologetically, a big fan of the new Supergirl TV show. I tend to get funny looks when I admit that. People call it cheesy and corny, but I don’t see it. What I do see, is a show that embraces the light (so tired of the gritty superhero trend), and focuses on feminism and the struggle to belong. Melissa Benoist is amazing as Kara/Supergirl – even through her perky exterior, you can see how she still mourns for the family she lost on Krypton at 12 years old. Really – go watch it!

As I said, I’m a big fan. So when I heard they were coming out with a comic book based on the show, I was all for it. DC cancelled the Supergirl comic about a year ago, so it’s about time they brought her back! Warning: the review below will definitely contain spoilers.

Supergirl flying

Issues 1 through 3 cover a single story arc: Supergirl and the DEO are tracking a Fort Rozz alien escapee, named Rampage. Picture the Hulk, but a girl and orange, and that pretty much sums up Rampage at her worst. Like the Hulk, Rampage only becomes a big ball of orange fury when she gets angry – the rest of the time she looks like a rather timid human woman. Supergirl is kidnapped by Rampage, and during that time learns about her rather sad past. It causes Kara to question how the DEO operates, and whether all of the Fort Rozz criminals really deserve the treatment they receive.

This moral question is not new to the Supergirl TV show, and I was happy to see them cover it in the first story arc of the comic book. Supergirl’s relationship with the DEO is an uneasy one; her biggest reason to stick around is her DEO agent sister, whom she adores. I’m very interested to see how this conflict plays out.

Rampage fight

The artwork is good – the actors likenesses and costumes are captured really well. The dialogue was pretty convincing too – I could picture the lines coming from the actors themselves, which is a good indicator of the writer’s talent. Overall, it was a really good first story arc for the series, and I’m excited to read more.