verb \ˈwän-dər\
to walk/explore/amble in an unplanned or aimless way with a complete openness to the unknown.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds really appealing. I picked up The Wander Society after seeing it pop up on Instagram a bunch of times. The author, Keri Smith, bought a used copy of a Walt Whitman book and discovered some odd notations in it. This led her down a path to the Wander Society, a mysterious group devoted to exploring the world around us. Walt Whitman is their inspiration – he was apparently a prolific wanderer.

The Wander Society

The Wander Society tries to unplug from technology and put less emphasis on material things. I think sounds a lot like walking meditation: being in the moment, fully experiencing the world around them and nurturing a connection with the environment. It reminds me of an Instagram account I follow, idletheorybus. This couple travels North America in a VW camper van, exploring the unknown and taking beautiful pictures. Most of their photo descriptions border on poetic. I would love to live a life like that.

Sorry, I’ve wandered (ha!) a bit. In the book, Keri Smith chronicles her investigation, and includes lots of pictures of Wander Society pamphlets and flyers. Over the course of the book, she fully embraces it and becomes a wanderer herself. She even includes tasks to help you unplug and embrace simplicity. It’s a cute, quick read, and definitely peaked my interest. So much so, that I wish it included more details! Don’t buy the ebook – this is definitely something to experience on paper.